Английский язык 3 семестр тест МОИ

Английский язык 3 тест МОИ

Тест Московского Открытого Института «Английский язык 3» Цена 200р

Can you give me a 10 per cent … if I buy in bulk?

I … a manager for the past ten years.

I … for the same company for my entire career and I couldn’t be happier with my job.

Do you mind if I take a brochure?

… you speak Spanish before you lived in Argentina?

For business dinners with only five or six people, I like the … atmosphere of our local Japanese restaurant.

This is the employees’ car park so don’t park here. Visitors … park in the visitors’ car park.

Anya: OK, it’s ten o’clock and everyone’s here. …

At that time, the company … interactive software for teaching history to primary school students.

When a job comes along, I have to take advantage of the … and accept the work, even if I’m already busy.

My train leaves at 6:00 so I … be at the station before 5:50.

I’m a freelance accountant and bookkeeper for small businesses so obviously I meet a … that every business has.

Welcome, marketing team, and thank you for the hard work you’ve put in recently. …

Would you like to have dinner with us next Friday evening?

Beatta, this is Layla.

We’re offering interest-free … this month for first-time buyers.

Mona: But a viral video lasts longer. And we definitely want to reach the younger end of the market. Andres: Why do we have to choose one or the other? …

But I … management at university. My degree is in history.

Andres: … Viral videos can be very effective.

Right now, he works in … in Bahrain. He works hard because he wants a promotion. ‘I need more experience’ he says.

You can work whenever you choose!’ I usually just smile and agree but, actually, for a freelancer, finding the right work–life … is difficult.

This usually happens near the end of the tax year. Fortunately, I don’t work twelve hours every day all year long – I’m not a …

You … learn some Japanese if you’re going to do business in Japan.

I have a small, comfortable office in my home and I really like being in control of my working …

Every business needs accountants so there are a lot of career … for Fawaz.

We don’t want to spend too much time getting to the conference venue so let’s choose somewhere with a … location.


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